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    April 22, 2013
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committing the damage have either been arrested or killed and the people of the city of boston can rest comfortably at this point in time. >> nearlily thry three days aft capture, charges could be filed today. questions continue around tamerlan tsarnaev including what happened during six months abroad and caused his behavior to take a radical turn and did he slip under the fbi's radar. >> somewhere along the line it's fair to say why didn't the fbi follow up on that. fifth case i'm aware of where a person was brought to the attention of the fbi, fbi examined them and felt they were no threat and went to carry out terrorists murders. >> even as investigators continue their work, a funeral will be held this hour for one of the victims of the bombing, 29-year-old krystle campbell. massachusetts governor deval patrick will attend and at 2:50 p.m. eastern time bells across
boston will ring to mark one week since those twin bombs went off just feet from the marathon's finish line changing so many lives in this that incident. joining me from washington, pete williams. let's talk about dzhokhar tsarnaev. he isn't talking yet but he's communicating. what more do we know about that and let's also talk about the issue of whether or not charges are coming today. >> okay. in terms of his communication, we're told that they are asking him questions for brief periods of time and that he is responding to some questions in writing. we don't know how complete or how thorough this is only that he's conscious and that he is responding to these questions, which during this stage will have to be confined to the issue of whether there's a continuing threat, whether other people were working with him, whether there were other bombs out there, things of that nature. now, on the question of whether charges or when they'll be filed, i think the best way to
start to think about this, thomas, and this is just my own supposition here is best way to think about this is when will we learn what charges are? i say that because if you think about all of the things that could be going on here, charges could be filed under seal and we don't know that and because of the court rules they can't disclose that. that's just my guess. maybe the right way to talk about this for the rest of the day is when will we learn what charges are because that would cover all of the eventualalties. >> we figure out and wait for the exact information about these charges, what more do we know about how investigators are looking into what led up to the attack and what type of activities these brothers were doing in terms of the arsenal that they were massing and what they were trying to prepare for. >> those are the big questions. you know, why did they do this? when did they get the idea to do
it? where did they build bombs? where did they get parts for the bombs? where did they get their guns? we think they probably didn't get them legally but only reason we say that is because massachusetts has very strict gun laws and in order to possess a gun you have to be licensed for it and there's no record according to the authorities that the older brother, who i think would be the only one who would qualify to have a gun license actually had one. so they seem to be in possession of them illegally but where they got them, how they got them, this is an important question and we're waiting to find that out and they are checking that out as well. >> in your reporting you also had the opportunity to e-mail with the man that police say was carjacked by the brothers. what is this person saying and did the conversation reveal any new light about the suspect's state of mind just hours before this manhunt came to an end? >> i asked him several questions and he chose to answer only one
which was to sort out these conflicting details about whether they let him go or he escaped. he said i escaped. he described them as cautious but brutal. separately in a police investigation, he's the one who called 911 as soon as they let him out across the street to another gas station and calls 911. he says that in the interview with the police they told him that they were the marathon bombers and that they were not going to kill him because he was not an american. >> pete, as we talk about the investigation and how it is broadening out including family members, there's this new image i want to show everybody of tamerlan's wife. what more do we know about her and potentially the involvement that right now investigators want to look into surrounding the investigation? what more she can reveal about tamerlan? >> they want to talk to all of
his relatives, all his family members, all his friends. anyone who knew him and would have any information about what he was doing in the months -- what both of them were doing in the months before the bombing and then after the bombing until the events started to unfold thursday night. her lawyer says she's been in touch with federal authorities and they're trying to work that out. they believe she'll have important information. she'll be able to say when did her husband become radicalizrad >> thank you, sir. joining me now is an msnbc news terrorism expert. the boston globe is reporting about two incidents, the other brother, tamerlan, had these angry outburst at boston area mosques. as we look at the emerging evidence, things that are coming forward, not only through what witness accounts are revealing
but the fact that we learned that the fbi had an opportunity to question tamerlan back in 2011. are we going to learn there was some missed red flags leading up to what these brothers were up to? >> i'm not going to say missed red flags. this being monday, we're not going to monday morning quarterback the bureau right now because there's a lot of nofgs that we simply don't know the answer to. facts that haven't come to light yet. we'll take the facts and draw a pretty good conclusion from them. there are a couple things that are significant. first is the globe report. at the community level you have incidents of tamerlan expressing tremendous anger. and one question that people are going to be asked is if the community saw this, why didn't they do something. the very simple answer could be just because you're angry and say stupid things doesn't mean you're about to commit terrorist activity or criminal activity. the second thing is when he came back from russia and began to post the jihady videos and
extremists messages. that makes you an idiot. not necessarily a terrorist. we'll have to see what the government head in all of these different mile posts during the past couple of years from when he was first questioned by the bureau in 2011, when the russian federal security service came to us, why russians didn't provide us additional information and why there was a potential disconnect here but ultimately we may see the information and say post-attack hindsight is obvious. leading up to monday, none of it was clear. >> peter king is doing monday morning quarterbacking on the talk shows appearing on fox sunday say the fbi was aware of this guy and this is the fifth case. they used incidents to cite the fbi letting people slip through their fingers like the al qaeda recruiter, the little rock shooter and the accused ft. hood killer and the alleged american
pakistani terrorist so when the congressman who is in charge of the house subcommittee on terrorism is coming out critical of the fbi, doesn't that say there are shoring up opportunities that we need to take very seriously here as the homeland is the battlefield. >> the homeland is a battlefield. there are tens of thousands of people dedicated to keeping us safe. i respect congressman king. he's thoughtful. he clearly is passionate on these issues and he's well versed. we're less than three days after tsarnaev has been brought into custody and he's drawing conclusions and linkages and passing a judgment on the national law enforcement community that i find irresponsible on a monday after a friday capture. i would love to see more facts come out and then we can take a look. when i was doing counterterrorism for a living, we wish we could construct that crystal ball to predict what was going to happen and identify these individuals. sometimes we have been very good
since 9/11 at finding them, stopping plots. sometimes we haven't. that's what happens when you have human beings involved in analyzing information and making judgment calls. i want to see facts and then we can have a better idea of what happened. >> there's a discussion about the focus of tamerlan's six-month trip to russia last year. his father saying he visited chechnya and dagestan during that time. if you put yourself inside that part of the investigation, what exactly are the agents both here and in russia trying to piece together about that trip? it's my understanding that it was kgb that initially tipped off the fbi about tamerlan's travels. >> this is going to be a central theme in terms of trying to find answers to why they did what they did. there's going to be a lot of conversations between cia and the kgb follow and between fbi and fsb, federal security service in russia. the basic question to the russian security services is what did you know, when did you know it, was there anything
worthwhile telling us after that initial engagement in 2011 when they first brought his name to our attention. we'll find out. >> nbc news terrorism analyst, great to have you on. joining me now is the congressman with the house homeland security committee. it's good to have you here. i want to talk about whether tsarnaev is going to be charged today. right now as we all understand it he hasn't been read his miranda rights to keep him in a gray area right now whether or not he would be considered an enemy combatant or information that he would be allowing to investigators may not be used against him if he were try to be tried as an american civilian. as i talked there with roger about the fact that congressman peter king over the weekend said the homeland is the battlefield and that times have really changed, what are your thoughts about what the congressman has said about the fbi and that they may have missed red flags and
the fact that the homeland is the battlefield? >> as you know, thomas, the fbi conducts thousands of interviews like this. i will say that they do a good job. i would say unless there was some evidence that would lead them to not do something to this individual, i would say they did a good job. i think my colleague, peter king, is not just monday morning quarterbacking but arm chair quarterbacking. we don't no what our investigative authorities know. i would say let them do their job. we can comment but when we start pointing fingers, i think we just add to the confusion. >> we talk about the regulations right now on how and why an american citizen can be held as an enemy combatant and we use this case as the example, if that became a precedent out of this case, are you concerned about that? are you concerned about what,000
means in counterterrorism investigations moving forward? >> no question. it's an option for us to do. i think most of us agree that there's enough evidence on the table to convict this individual. he's already being question. he's responding in writing to some of the questions. i think to rush to the enemy combatant situation just puts another dynamic on it. let the federal authorities do their job. i'm convinced we have the individual. i'm convinced that there is enough evidence to convict him. if we need to look and see if there's a connection to some international terrorism nexus, let's do that. let's not lose focus that we have our person in custody right now. >> do you think the public safety exception in this situation is unneeded and the fact that he's in custody and
communicative with authorities through writing that there's no further harm or danger to the american public right now based on these two brothers? >> you can apply the public safety exception but to be honest with you, it won't help convict him. it will give us additional information that may lead to some other individuals and if so, fine. i think in terms of getting this person convicted, we have information i think once you see the indictment go before the courts we'll have it but if we're trying to get additional information and see what connections to russia and other places we might have, that's additional information that i think we should gather. >> congressman, thank you for making time for me. i appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> so dzhokhar tsarnaev could be charged for his role in the marathon bombing any hour. not everyone agrees how he should be charged and treated
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>> it does seem to be pretty clear that the suspect took the backpack off, put it down, did not react when the first explosion went off. pretty clear that his involvement and pretty chilling frankly. >> that's massachusetts governor deval patrick describing the video of dzhokhar tsarnaev in
the hospital communicating with authorities right now by writing things down because of a throat injury. he's not able to speak with them. we have been able reporting that charges could come against him at any time today. again, it's because of this gunshot wound to the throat that he hasn't been able to talk. writing down these answers to investigators in brief question periods. joining me is a criminal attorney and also a harvard law professor and former attorney for o.j. simpson. great to have you here in person. authorities decided to withhold reading his miranda rights. as time passes, does the justification for this wear off and in your opinion does the u.s. and investigators stand to regret that? >> they will regret it i think. a, there was never a basis for the public safety exception because when they announced it, the police announced there was no public safety danger. they arrested everybody.
didn't think there was a risk to the public. why will they come to regret it? they think the case will be made based on videotapes and civil evidence. there are two elements to every crime. that is the crime itself which they have no problem proving and the intention. now, in order to get the death penalty, they have to prove a terrorist intention. in order to do that, they may get the information from him without having mirandized him and that information may get kept out of a trial. they may have blown the death penalty by not giving him his miranda warnings. >> we talk about public exception, the questioning is limited in scope. do you think there's potential of all of the things that we don't know yet that investigators felt that they might be part of some larger cell and the fact they could be going to ground right now. other people within a cell based here in this country that had something that they were planning. could public safety exception be
justified for that reason. >> they need more than speculation. police announced they weren't worried about that. experts said there was no public safety expectation. they are using the public safety exception as an excuse and they are using it because they don't think it will hurt them because they can establish the crime. yes, they can establish the crime. to get the death penalty you have to prove federal terrorism. the shooting of m.i.t. policeman is not a federal crime. it's a state crime. it's the marathon bombings that may or may not be federal terrorism depending on what was in the mind of the defendant. how will they find out what's in the mind of the defendant? by asking him questions. if those answers are excluded, they'll regret not having given him his miranda warnings. >> some people in washington want him treated as an enemy combatant to turn over intelligence to use in
counterterrorism investigations. a statement says we do not want the suspect to remain silent suggesting he may stop talking if he gets red his miranda rights. let's listen to this. >> this man in my view should be designated as an enemy combatant. >> he's a citizen of the united states. >> the administration has refused to go that route. as we look at this from a perspective of the homeland is the battlefield, isn't that a scare to think if we go ahead and read him his miranda rights, he does have the option to remain silent and any information that can be used to solve potential future crimes would be lost. >> he has the right to remain silent right now. he just doesn't know about it. we're trying to trick him into disclosing information and that was precisely what miranda was designed to prevent. where will it stop? i don't think we need this
exception. i don't think the exception is justified and i do think that there will be a price to be paid for it. i know the courts in boston. i practice in front of the federal courts in boston. they are tough on insisting that the rules be followed. if they try to circumvent these rules by not giving miranda rights, i can see a federal court saying you can't use statements he gave you in writing in hospital. they may not be able to use them a anyway because he may not be competent to provide statements while in and out of sedation. i understand why they want to get this information but the constitutional rights are there for a reason. >> federal precedent will go over that whatever crimes are considered state crime as such the murder of the campus officer. the federal crimes will take precedent over that. >> if there are federal crimes. in order to prove the federal crime of terrorism, you have to show he had a specific intent to terrorize the country. if he was just doing it in revenge. if he was doing it because he
didn't like his brother didn't get american citizenship, that may not qualify. lawyers would argue that might not qualify for the federal death penalty. >> great to see you here in person. i appreciate it. ♪ sweet caroline . >> the singer surprising boston red sox fans. we'll talk about other ways that boston is bouncing back just one week after the bombing and on a different note. arrested. how reese witherspoon got into her own legal problems over the weekend. but first, producer's pick. would you have invaded iraq if you were president or bailout wall street. former president george w. bush wants to know what would you have done. it's part of a new interactive theater presented in the george w. bush presidential library to be dedicated this thursday.
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let's bring you up to speed on the investigation of the london bombings. after being caught in a backyard, the surviving suspect, dzhokhar tsarnaev is hospitalized in serious condition. he's under heavy guard and unable to speak due to a throat injury but is communicating with authorities through writing. charges could be filed against him as soon as today.
amid that investigation there is sadness in medford this hour as the governor there, deval patrick, joins mourners at the funeral of krystle campbell. this unfolding as people of boston and across the commonwealth plan to pause for a moment at 2:50 p.m. marking the moment bombs went off one week ago. the boston bombings are causing tempers to flare at the senate hearing going over the new immigration reform bill. last week republican senator chuck grassley say bombings prove that congress should not rush the immigration bill. that caused chuck schumer to call him out moments ago. >> those who point to the terrible tragedy in boston as a excuse for not doing a bill or delaying it many months or years. >> i never said that. i never said that. >> i didn't say you did, sir. >> i didn't say anything about delaying the bill. >> mr. chairman, i don't
appreciate the senator demeaning witnesses that have come here. >> the conversation started because they came to the u.s. from the region of dagestan in 2002. joining me is democratic congressman of arizona, a member of the immigration task force. sir, good to have you here. as you hear what's going on as we speak right now about the immigration reform bill, one of the things that senator patrick leahy says is the boston bombings are being exploited in an effort to defeat the bill. does that ring true or is there real concern that right now there needs to be more intense scrutiny on what immigration reform bill means based on what we know about these two brothers and how they got to this country. >> thank you, thomas. i think senator leahy is correct. it's an excuse. it's exploitive. senator grassley said he didn't
support the legislation, comprehensive reform and to prey on the emotions of the people right now after this tragedy in boston and to prey on insecurities and justifiable anger, to try to delay a bill, stall a bill, let it drag out and so that nothing is done i think is a tactic. it's not more than a tactic and it's very disappointing. if you want to have security in this country, part of the package has to be comprehensive reform so that millions of people out there that are undocumented come forward. we know who they are. background check. you begin to call who is eligible for an opportunity to a path to citizenship and who should not be here. right now the process stands we don't have that mechanism and i would suggest that if you are talking about security, comprehensive immigration reform is part of that solution.
>> yesterday a congressman said you can't make an emotional response to the bombings with legislation but patrick leahy urged people to tread lightly. >> let no one be so cruel as to use a heinous acts of these two young men last week to derail the dreams and futures of millions of hard working people. >> is there a worry there could be public perception that could slow down the momentum of this bill especially if there are certain senators on the right that want to say it's a reason to slow it down and look at the reform procedures so that we can know more about who was being naturalized in the country. >> i think there is. you know, there's always a danger of a stalling tactic and using this raw emotion, this reaction that the american people have to what happened in boston. i don't know how senator
grassley or anybody else would be able to pry into the very core of a human being when they are 15 years old to find out they would be part of a horrible act like this ten years later. the fact remains that we're going to play another $5 billion on top of $18 billion for security along the border. that $5 billion should be targeted. it should go after the terrorism question we're talking about. go after the organized crime that brings people and drugs into this country and sends drugs out of this country. it should go after supportive services that integrate the new immigrants and the new americans in society, civic and language. those are the kind of questions that strengthen america. community policing. people being willing to come to the local police and be assets in crime prevention. we can't overlook that. we should tread lightly. >> real quickly.
we're only as strong as our weaknesses and it would be not correct to think there are going to be weaknesses that are examined through the reform procedure and senator rand paul sent this letter to harry reid saying what happened in boston has exposed weaknesses in our current system. do you think that's a proper way to discuss what happened with these brothers that there is a weakness and the fact that only one brother was naturalized and other was pending. >> and the fact that the older brother was held up by the fbi pending additional questions. there's weaknesses in the system. and it exposes the fact that a broken immigration system that we're talking about as we speak is the weakness. a comprehensive reform that is being talked about as proposed legislation that can be improved, that is one of the paths to more security for this nation. >> sir, thank you for your time.
appreciate it. >> thank you. so doctors are treating some of the most dramatically injured victims of the marathon bombing and they now say that patients they struggled with a range of emotions but they are also making some great strides thanks to some of america's own wounded warriors. >> we've had veterans come in with amputations that have walked through the halls and shown these patients that their life is not over. it's just going to be slightly different but they'll get back to a normal life and we've seen really tremendous success and really great attitudes. >> the injuries are not unlike those sustained in a war zone and many who have seen war themselves have treated them and we have an orthopedic surgeon and disaster response center based in san antonio, texas. you have served in combat and you have seen injuries described such as these coming out of iraq and afghanistan. how vital is that experience and
doctors that are treating these patients in boston to the type of traumatic experience that they've been through? >> that's a great question, thomas. these scenarios are very difficult to train for. i think that the military unfortunately over the last decade has gotten very good at taking care of these mass casualty battlefield injuries. our american academy of orthopedic surgeons has been forward leading in this issue and we put together a disaster response course to train for exactly these types of events and injuries and i'm happy to say one of my former army colleagues is in boston taking care of some of these casualties so we've been able to make some good news of this military experience over the last decade to help with these sorts of scenarios exactly. >> we have seen some of the faces starting to emerge of those that were attacked and lost limbs. we have a woman who lost both her legs and her daughter
suffered heavy damage to her and newlywed couple who each lost a leg and then this image here where the cowboy hero lost both of his legs. he's i.d.'d bombers from his hospital bed. from those that you treated in the past, when they get through physical trauma of this, what is psychological effect moving forward. it's a long road ahead. >> interesting to pay attention to what's being done in boston with these issues. we have a team that takes care of our wounded warriors when they come processing through. we take through a great number of them here at the center for the intrepid and an entire mental health team that checks with them and follows them, a case manager that tracks them along. it appears the system in boston is very similar. it seems like a nice area for hospitals to take note. i don't think unfortunately that
this will be the last type of event that we'll see like this. again, i think many of our organizations are forward thinking and preparing surgeons and local communities to take care of these wounds and then hospitals will take the cue and develop care teams or whatever may be identified through the mental health specialists. >> one thing that proved the most effective against these explosions were tourniquets. people that jumped into the scene and tried to help patients as best they can. we have an article on that talks about this. what is your reaction to knowing how many bystanders had jumped in to help out because as we're see here out of 2,800 patients, 87% bleed to death without them. >> the picture of a deceased veteran clamping down his artery is remarkable and really reminds
me exactly of the sorts of things you see on the battlefield. patients coming in with two or three tourniquets at a time. it's the norm with these events. 80% extremity injuries from the battlefield. the tourniquet is crucial. they have a big role in the battlefield. training first responders which is somewhat controversy region to region but they are proving they are essential and this day in age with threats that exist, use of the tourniquet needs to be caugtaught to our first responders. people with military experience were there and some that i'm sure had experience with tourniquets that did well with these circumstances. >> i'm sure you are impressed by the fact there were so many good
people that ran into help and didn't run away. ran into help those affected by this. thanks for sharing your perspective. i appreciate it. >> thank you, thomas. newtown families and lawmakers have new plans to keep their gun control fight going. a tucson shooting hero weighs in. ♪ sweet caroline >> plus, "sweet caroline" like boston red sox fans never heard it before. how many plan to make sure boston runs again. we went out and asked people a simple question: how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed: the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years.
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not ever. there will be a plan introduced to the senate that he believes will pass. joining me now, a survivor of the tucson mass shooting. patricia, good to see you this morning. as we have all seen from last week, you chastised congress publicly after the senate bill crashed. you yelled "shame on you" after the vice president read the vote. do you have anymore hope that gun control measures will be revived through other avenues? >> i do hope they will be. i think they will. we're not going to let this issue drop. the nra can give up on thinking we're going to go away because we're not. we're going to be there fighting the fight until we win. >> when we look at what people are writing about. a piece in "the new york times" going after the president saying he handled this incorrectly. he doesn't know how to work the system. it's clear now that he doesn't want to learn. it's unbelievable that with 90% of americans on his side he
could only get 54 votes. no one on capitol hill is scared of him. when you hear that kind of criticism coming out, do you think that the president could have invested more political capital in this? >> you know, i'm not a politician. i don't know exactly how that works in d.c. i do know that there will be 18,000 people murdered before the next election in november. so i appreciate president obama's stand. i hope he will become stronger. i think it's not too late for him to put pressure on. i don't think it's too late for the american public. i am recommending that the senate has a special dictate in their legislation. they have more control and more power than the house of representatives. so every person is every state is represented by my senators as well as their own. so i would suggest everybody
take a postcard, address it to each one of the senators, get a group together and get a labeling matrix and printout labels and send shame on you to everyone that voted no and thank you to everyone that voted yes. we need to continue this fight. >> when it comes to the bombing in boston, nbc news is now confirming with cambridge pd that there were no gun permits and petitions to carry a weapon for either of the brothers suspected of being the bombers. by all accounts they were suspected of carrying weapons illegally. do you think this terror attack would put a new heat on lawmakers for tighter gun laws? >> i hope so. it's kind of -- the bombs are a reach from the gun legislation. they did have guns. i don't know if they were illegal or legal. but we are not pollyannas. we know that not every gun violent issue and incident will
be stopped by a background check. it certainly will stop some and if you're the one that's going to get the call or prevent from getting the call saying your 9-year-old daughter is at umc and you need to get there right away because she's been murdered, you know, that is powerful. that's powerful. and i used to think the worst thing i could imagine was roxanna and john green holding the lifeless body of their 9-year-old. but there's something worse and those not being able to hold the lifeless body of your child. and that's what the newtown people had to experience. and i think our senators and our representatives need to take a serious look at how damaging gun violence is. in the body and in the mind. it's just unacceptable. we're a smart people, we should be able to do something about this. >> tucson shooting survivor, gun reform advocate, patricia maisch. thank you. >> thank you, thomas. we asked and you answered --
should the boston bombing suspect be read his rights or treated as an enemy combatant. arthur writes he should be treated as an american citizen. because that is what he is. the heinousness of the crime does not move the needle. i think. and from jay, if you're not going to give him the rights of an american citizen, then you have to take him out with a drone. that's a little tough. keep the comments coming in. fw twitter or facebook. [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it. let's get a recap, merv. [ merv ] thanks, other merv. mr. clean magic eraser extra power was three times faster on permanent marker. elsewhere against dirt, it was a sweep, with scuffed sports equipment... had it coming. grungy phones... oh! super dirty! and grimy car rims... wow! that really works! ...all taking losses. it looks like mr. clean has won everything.
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so the running community is getting together to put its best foot forward in every sense of the word. uniting one week after the tragedy that happened in boston, and launching a movement called run now. scott dickie is the president and the ceo of competitor group, he joins me to talk about this. scott, it's great to have you here. we've seen a lot of shared grief in the spirit of the running community, in america and around the globe since the attacks. london marathon is are showing solidarity with a moment of silence.
many are donating money to the injured and accounts that they have. and your group, now united to help the relief efforts. explain to us what you're trying to do and the message you're trying to get out. >> well first and foremost. obviously our hearts and condolences go out to all of those that were tragically impacted with the events last week in boston and the mayor was very smart in establishing one fund boston and not only does this event affect boston and america, but it also impacted the running community. our goal is to raise money for those tragically impacted and continue to rally the running community in support of our sport. >> one thing mayor menino of boston tweeted out a picture showing the volume of mail sent in by folks contributing to this cause. what's the best way do you think that people can show their support and try to get involved? whether it's through the financial donations or not? for us in the running community, we're launching a coalition with industry leaders, race directors, sponsors,
manufacturers in the industry. and the coalition is called run now. and it's meant to raise funds. you can go to we're selling bracelets like this. commemorating the day, you can donate online. or you can volunteer and get involved and urge those to participate in our sport. and that's part of what we're trying to promote this week with the launch. >> and competitor group scott dickie, thanks. "now" with alex wagner comes your way next. rrrrrrrrrrrr! when i'm hungry, i feel like i want to faint. this is my hungry monster. one in six americans struggle with hunger every single day. if i could stop hunger, i would definitely do it. [ male announcer ] let's growl back at hunger. during april, walmart and kraft are coming together to fight hunger by donating to feeding america.
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